Healthy Lakes Committee


  • Marty McCleery

  • Mary Ackerman
  • Tom Cox
  • Tom Moore
  • Bob Rydell
  • Andy Seward
  • Sarah Swanstrom


06/21/2017 Upper Mississippi River Basin Summary of the Large River and Basin Restoration and Protection Strategies
06/17/2017 LONG RANGE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2016-2066
06/9/2017 Final WRAPS Report
Leech Lake River Watershed webpage
11/9/2016 Watershed Health Assessment Framework
September 2016 Leech Lake River Watershed Health Report Card September 2015
April 2016 Leech Lake River Watershed Context Report April 2016
December 2013 New MPCA Videos
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency‘s mission is to protect and improve our environment and enhance human health. They have recently published a series of Videos documenting the Watershed Approach.

A Watershed Approach, Part 1 – What is a watershed?
A Watershed Approach, Part 2 – How we got to where we are
A Watershed Approach, Part 3 – The watershed approach and 10-year cycle
A Watershed Approach, Part 4 – Getting involved in the process
December 2013 LAKE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2013-2015
5/28/2013 LONG RANGE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2013-2063
Approved by the Board on 5/28/2013
May 2013 LAKE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2010-2012
7/13/2002 LONG RANGE MANAGEMENT PLAN 2003-2050
Approved by the Board on 5/28/2013

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