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The Ten Mile history book is a wonderful resource for your Ten Mile family. You may still order copies from:

Tom Cox 218-675-6844 or  tbcoxreston @ aol.com

Sue Eikenberry 218-675-6183 or  tenmile @ tds.net

Cost: $35.00 plus $5.00 Shipping. Please make checks payable to Ten Mile Lake Association, and date them either the 1st or the 15th of the month

TMLA History Committee Solicits Family, Neighborhood Histories

by Tom Cox, for the History Committee

Have you written your Family History for the Ten Mile Lake History Project? Family and Neighborhood Histories are a central focus of The History Committee’s efforts to develop a book of Ten Mile history. In addition, the Committee solicits histories of clusters of families who have lived in lakeshore “neighborhoods,” i.e., particular stretches of lake-shore that can be more or less well defined in terms of both geography and social interaction. Examples of “neighborhoods” might be the North Shore’s Chariton Beach and Park Point and the South Shore’s Fernhurst, Plainview Beach and Hillaway.

In the History Committee’s files there are already a number of written family histories as well as oral histories on cassette tapes. However, many families are not yet chronicled, and there are few if any “neighborhood” chronicles. The Committee seeks your help. If your family has not already presented a family history, please think about writing up your family’s Ten Mile story. If you already have a written account, you may want to update it. If you live in a cluster of families who have become close because of a common residence in a particular shoreline neighborhood, see if you can identify a neighbor who is willing to write about your neighborhood’s development and social interaction over the years.

In writing family histories, please remember that the Committee is interested in your history as it relates to the Lake, rather than a chronicle of your family’s entire life. Here are some of the questions you might want to cover in your account:

When did your family first come to TML?
How did you happen to come to TML?
Did you camp, rent, homestead, or purchase?
What is the history of your lot, cabin or homestead?
What impact did WWI, the Great Depression and/or WWII have on your Ten Mile experience?
What significant relationships has your family had with other lake families?
What has your relationship been to the Ten Mile Lake Association? (Officers, committees, etc.)
What particularly strong memories do you or other family members have about activities and events on or about the Lake?
Do you have pictures or clippings the committee can copy and possibly publish?

You may send your family or neighborhood history by mail to the History Committee, C/O Tom Cox, 5688 Fernhurst Drive NW, Hackensack, MN 56452-2328, or by E-mail to Tom Cox at tcoxreston@aol.com.

Your help will be invaluable to the Committee as it seeks to create a chronicle that will be of special interest to all Ten Milers.

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