Mobile Devices have Separate Theme

I’ve just added a Theme Switcher that will switch to a more mobile-friendly theme when the site is being viewed on smaller mobile devices.

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Progress being made on the new website.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed that some of the pages of the new website are now active.

I discovered that it’s very difficult to judge how the editing is going without actually publishing the site, so I have done so. A limited number of the new pages are available to the public. If you get to a protected page, you may be asked to log in. In this case please just use the back button on your browser, because the non-public pages aren’t finished yet!

The other reason I’ve opened these pages to the public is that as I go forward transferring data from the old site to the new site, I don’t want to have to make updates in two places. Going forward, whenever I transfer content to the new site, I will redirect that page of the old site to the new content. I apologize if this causes any inconvenience, but once we’re done I hope to have a much more responsive site with some helpful new features.

I’m still a novice on WordPress, but I learn something every day!

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New Website Under Development

Welcome to the Ten Mile Lake Association’s new website, currently under development.

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