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August 17, 2016
Leech Lake River Monitoring & Assessment Report

The final version of the MPCA Leech Lake River Monitoring & Assessment report, June 2016 is now available at the following link:

Information about the Boy River Watershed starts on page 123 & more on TML on page 140.

Here is the web page for the MPCA:

June 22, 2016
Safety Alert

There have been reports of late night theft of items of value from docked boats.
It seems someone is cruising late at night with a trolling motor. Don’t leave valuables in boats or around docks overnight.
Call 911 if you see suspicious activity.

2016 State of Water Conference

Notes from the 2016 State of Water Conference have been added to the Environment & Ecology committee page. Click here.

RMB Labs 2015 Ten Mile Lake Report

Click here to open the 2015 Ten Mile Lake report from RMB Labs.

January 1, 2016
Ice-in/Ice-out Chart Updated

Submitted by Phoebe Alden on January 1, 2016

2014: Ice-out 5/7, Ice-in 12/1

2015: Ice-out 4/16, Ice-in 12/31

In 2015 Bob Iversen won the “pool” having picked New Year’s Eve at the “Ice-in Party” back in the fall.
The money won ($1/entry) was donated to the TMLA Memorial Fund.


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