Personal Profile Info

WHEN YOU HAVE SIGNED IN TO THE ANCHOR you will be looking at YOUR personal profile that is attached to your personal email address. Your spouse will have their own, attached to THEIR email address. (Unless they don’t have an email address, in which case they will need to share with you).

When you click on MY INFO – You will see seven tabs across the top. Here is an explanation for each: (Remember, if you did not sign up online, I may have entered much of your info – feel free to edit, as you know better than I what is correct/most helpful)

  • Contact Info – this is your personal info, you can enter as much or as little as you choose – cabin address and phone, home address and phone, cell number, email address, office phone, office address, etc.
  • Membership – this shows the type of membership you have and whether it is active (dues paid) or not. You cannot alter this page – if you see an error, email me at
  • Account – this page shows your dues invoices and your payments. This page is not completely interactive yet, but you will soon be able to select who in your family should be the main billing contact, and if you set up a monthly payment schedule or autopay, that will show here.
  • Related Organizations is unused at this time.
  • Related Families – this is the FAMILY NAME that your membership is attached to. If you are a single person this is your account. If you are married or you are a child, your spouse or parents are also attached to this family name membership. You may enter whatever info you want here – I recommend keeping it brief – just the cabin address and phone numbers, but you can add as many or as few addresses, emails and phone numbers as you choose.
  • Related Contacts – this page will show all the people who are covered by your family membership. Example: your spouse, your children, your parents. If they are in the system and tied to your account they will show here. If you have dependent children who are not listed, you may use the add button here and do that. If you signed up online and only entered your family name, add can add yourself, add your spouse and add your children here.
  • Refer Others – This page needs to be edited before we turn it on, but obviously this is where you would refer your Ten Mile Lake neighbor who is not yet a member of TMLA!

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